Native Element

  • Modal dialogs inform users about a task and can contain critical information, require decisions, or involve multiple tasks, usually appearing over an existing screen.


  • Title of alert/modal matches the visible text title in the alert, if any


  • “alert” role is optional. Haptics are optional.

  • Required: Screen reader user is confined inside a modal, communicating an alert/modal is present


  • Group text to make the announcements logical.
  • iOS
    • accessibilityFrame
    • accessibilityFrameInContainerSpace
    • GroupView
    • Only the container class is an accessible element
  • Android
    • ViewGroup
    • Set the container object’s android:screenReaderFocusable attribute to true, and each inner object’s android:focusable attribute to false. In doing so, accessibility services can present the inner elements’ content descriptions/names, one after the other, in a single announcement.


  • n/a


The screen reader focus must be confined within the modal /alert /dialog. When the alert appears, the initial focus should be to a logical place or to where the default focus is for the device. (Android sometimes initially focuses on the CTAs in the alert, not the text or title)

  • iOS Options
    • accessibilityViewIsModal property
    • accessibilityElementIsFocused
    • isAccessibilityElement - Yes, if the element can respond to user input
    • To move screen reader focus to newly revealed content: UIAccessibilityLayoutChangedNotification
    • To NOT move focus, but announce new content: UIAccessibilityAnnouncementNotification
  • Android Options
    • android:focusable=true
    • android=clickable=true
    • Implement an onClick( ) event handler for keyboard, not onTouch( )
    • nextFocusDown
    • nextFocusUp
    • nextFocusRight
    • nextFocusLeft
    • accessibilityTraversalBefore (or after)
    • To move screen reader focus to newly revealed content: Type_View_Focused
    • To NOT move focus, but announce new content: accessibilityLiveRegion
    • To hide controls: Important_For _Accessibility_NO