How to test

Manual testing is not difficult or time consuming once a team understands keyboard interactions.

1. Test with the keyboard only

It is crucial to test with the keyboard first, without the screenreader activated.

Why keyboard is so important

  • Keyboard accessibility is prerequisite to screen reader accessibility.
  • Screenreader applications will sometimes cover missing functionality that the sighted keyboard user won’t be able to use.


  • Test with a mobile device and a bluetooth keyboard
  • Test with a desktop device and a keyboard


  • Any major browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) is acceptable for keyboard testing.
  • Note: In Safari, you’ll have to activate tab in Preferences » Advanced » Press Tab

2. Test with the mobile screenreader

Many websites have crossed the threshold to a majority of visits being from mobile devices.

Screenreader browser pairings

  • iOS
    • Voiceover + Safari
  • Android
    • Talkback + Chrome

3. Test with the desktop screenreader

  • Not having all three screen readers available doesn’t mean you can’t test for accessibility.
  • Most of the accessibility defects you’re likely to encounter will show up in any screen reader.

Screenreader browser pairings

  • PC
    • NVDA + Chrome
    • JAWS + Chrome
  • Mac
    • Voiceover + Safari